Entry #72

I Can't Pursue The Sketch Collab

2017-05-22 20:36:46 by TheMAM

Alrighty, holding off The Sketch Collab until I got a PC was a bad idea as time flies. Guess I'll have to pass the torch to somebody.

@Tidohuki recommends @ValterValyun so go ahead, man. I hope you guys make a better collab than I ever could. You're free to change the format and style to however you see fit. Otherwise, I usually pick @Saminat to do the paper background and, when the collab is put together, any current year music by @Geoplex

On that note, sign me up to do a part, that is if the deadline is October or after.


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2017-05-22 20:38:36

Holy crap, I'm appointed as Collab Organizer? Didn't 100% expected this!

@Tidohuki, thanks for recommending me . . . I dunno why you would -- we barely knew each other nor only worked together once.

But TheMAM, I'll do ya proud!


2017-05-22 20:45:47

*wearing sunglasses and shooting finger guns*
@ValterValyun No problemo bro
You were the one chasing it up so not only do you show initiative but also passion for the project

Should be another great year for the collab, this time being the ACTUAL 10 year anniversary :P