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In light of Newgrounds having better accessibility and video formatting over the years, there's not much point of having the collabs I ran on Youtube anymore, so there're unlisted now. Also, Youtube sucks and doesn't deserve this Newgrounds tradition anymore lol. If any of the artists that worked on those years want a Youtube link, hook me up.

Awesome work to all the artists who've kept this collab alive and thriving. I was super impressed with all the entries this year, and the number of participants were super up compared to previous ones. I love that this website had such a resurgence in the past few years. With that said, I wanna get some stuff off my chest about the experiences I've had with previous collabs.

While I'm proud of my work with 2012, 2013 and 2016, my entries for 2014 and 2015 are something I look back on with disdain. As collab organizer, I was to set an example and keep entries restricted to a sketch format, yet I made my entries with full greyscale fills and clean linework, making them not really sketch-like at all. I'd missed the point of what made the collab The Sketch Collab in the first place. For that, I apologize for my arrogance.

This was the reason why I was rejected from the 2017 collab. While I have my grievances with the organizer and their mismanagement of the would-be 2018 collab, their rejection was a reality check for me. Made me realize my entry wasn't exactly sketch-like.

I'd also like to address my lack of responsibility with joining this year's (or last year's?) collab, and a bunch of collabs in general honestly. I'd join collabs I was excited for, then remain silent and inactive until they eventually just drop me. This was due to university and a lack of motivation, but there's no excuse for the constant drops I keep making. So I wanna thank RGPAnims for the constant invites to this and other collabs. I appreciate it, and sorry I couldn't deliver.

On a side note, something that my collabs have lost with the shift from flash to video format is the preloader screens. The drawings me and the participants made for them are more or less buried and gone. It's kinda sad really, but I was thinking of reuploading them to the art portal for conservationist sake. Hopefully I can find those files or grab it from the website or something.

All this being said, I've come to appreciate this collab again, and realize just how much it's helped me (and hopefully others lol) with their art progression. This new community resurgence still feels overwhelming honestly, for someone who's been a member for more than a decade now, but it makes me excited for what it has to offer!

I'd like to thank Geoplex for his awesome music for all my collabs. This guy's been with my collabs from the start and is a big part of what made them as they are. I encourage you to check out his work and support the dude. They really deserve it. And a special thanks to Timsplosion for handing me the torch in the first place.

Thanks y'all, you made Newgrounds awesome again. Hook me up for the next Sketch Collab. I'll try my best not to dip again lol.


Ninjamuffin commented on my 2016 one. Surreal as fuck, mah dudes.


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