There She Is!! HD Remastered

2015-10-26 11:38:38 by TheMAM

The original creator of There She Is!!, amalloc, is remastering the series into HD, with new animation and effects! The first There She Is!! is available on Youtube. It looks much smoother and shinier than before! Subscribe to the gall, because she'll also be launching an Indiegogo campaign for the release of the DVD, so keep an eye out for that.

떳다 그녀!! There She Is!! step1 HD


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2015-10-26 12:05:40

this is cool! Good memories of the old times on NG.

TheMAM responds:

A new look on it too. Brand new animation and lighting effects really bring this video together for HD.


2015-10-26 20:07:13

Amazing job! Can't wait to rewatch the entire series in HD!


2015-10-27 05:56:08

Oh god it's been a long time since I saw this.


2015-10-27 20:02:01

Awesome. Thanks for letting us know.