The Sketch Collab 2015 Wins Daily First

2015-12-24 03:57:30 by TheMAM

"Eureka. Eureka! EUREKA! My lifelong dream, realized!"

Heh, in all seriousness, thank you Newgrounds for the Front Page and Daily Feature, and thank you guys for showing us your support. Please take the time to check out the artists who worked on this year's collab, and also check out all the previous years' collabs, they're all pretty cool. c:

We hope to see you, and if you're an animator have you, in the next Collab for our 10th anniversary. Thanks again, and we'll catch you later.



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2015-12-24 09:35:49

Cheers man, I thought your part was your best animation yet! :)

TheMAM responds:

Thanks man, couldn't have done it without your advice. :P


2015-12-24 14:23:32

awesome job dude, congrats! it's good to see you're moving up the ranks. i'll be sure to join next year alright? :3

TheMAM responds:

Totally, man. Looking forward to it!


2015-12-24 16:49:23

We did it my wingmen. we wear suits and we're awesome.

(Updated ) TheMAM responds:

Nah, we're stay-at-home animators. We could draw drawings of us being said wingmen, though.