Sign Up for The Sketch Collab 2016

2016-04-16 03:09:32 by TheMAM


Just like every year, your objective is to create a short animation showing what it would look like if the doodles on your page started moving. It should look like it was done with pencil.

1. No porn or sexual content.
2. Obey the specs given below.
3a. You can use your own sounds, but music will be included, so don't make sound vital.
3b. If sound is included, don't make it too loud or too quiet.
4. No sprites.
5. Sticks are allowed, but not encouraged.
6. Must be frame by frame - some tweening can be done, but keep it to a minimum.
7. Don't make rubbish or half-assed parts, do your best.
8. Stay active in the thread, post every few weeks or so.
9. Please tell us if you're dropping out, don't just disappear.
10. If you do not obey the specs and you make a part, you must create a new one no questions asked.
11. Use as fewer layers as you possibly can.
12. You must include a signature at the bottom right of your part.

Stage: Standard, 854x480 or 1280x720
Background: White
Format: CS3 to CS6 .fla, .flv
FPS: 24
Time: 5-20 seconds
Deadline: September 1st


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2016-04-16 04:11:55

Can i join?
I know my part was crap last year but this time i'll make sure that i put as much effort to it as possible (I'm that Vixuzar guy)

TheMAM responds:

Yo, glad to see you wanting to put more of your efforts into it! Announce you're joining in the forums.