10 Years of The Sketch Collab! + Question

2016-10-27 20:07:41 by TheMAM

It feels awesome that we were able to continue Newgrounds' longest running collab to this day, and it's such a thrill to work with and meet so many neat artists every year. This one was a ton of fun, and hopefully we can see more new faces for next year's installment.

So thanks for second place daily, and keep on animating!

So, uh, question. I'm looking for a new laptop to animate on. You guys know any good brands that make custom-made, graphics-heavy, somewhat affordable laptops, and what specs do you think are enough to load Adobe programs like Photoshop and Flash well?


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2016-10-27 22:57:23

Hey, if there's a next year's collab of sketch collab, could be 2017.