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Madness Day Crisis!

2010-09-10 18:44:41 by TheMAM

Aw man! There's only less than 2 weeks for Madness Day, and my very tight schedule is leaving me hanging. I've only finished 10% of my Madness Day 2010 submission and I'm going to need more time to finish the rest (just in case your wondering, it will be waaaay better than my Clock Day submission. So I hope I finish it soon. So see ya guys later.

I made a Clock Flash, yo!

2010-08-15 09:43:15 by TheMAM

Check it out, dawg!

I'm back!

2010-08-04 02:46:38 by TheMAM

I'm back from my old account MAM259, because I want to submit flash that isn't under a username with numbers. I've made a Clock Day animation and now it's done! WOO HOO! Thanks to Fionn1225 and Slammer909 for the support, and SolusLunes for letting me use her awesome music! A flash for Madness Day is in progress, but making a frame-by-frame animation is going to take a lot of work (in case you don't know, Kringles NEVER uses tweens!!!). Plus, working at a 5 star restaurant for 10 hours, getting ready for school, and doing all my summer homework is putting animation in a tight schedule, but I hope I'll find time to do all this in my free time, which right now I lack! Anyways, I got to go to work now! See ya'll!

Oh, and I found the Cyanide and Happiness Book in my closest Virgin Megastore. Wow! Turns out their selling it worldwide!

I'm back!