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I was truly blown away and taken back by the sheer beauty. This is a masterpiece.

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In the hardest time of my life, my childhood friend back in my home country was the only person I could talk to to straighten myself out and get my life together, all through communicating with our phones. If I didn't have a way to constantly talk to him, I'd been mentally f*cked.

So wholeheartedly f*ck your overpreachy, shallow animations. I admired you at first but you've truly become a broken record when it comes to this topic of phones. Ever since Mr. Sneaks Episode 2 it's become the same pretentious concept of "Phones are the end of human interaction and social activity". You're still a good animator and you need to stop being a hack that relies on mindless premises like this.

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Ant0on responds:

So youre saying you need to be on the phone 24/7 with your friend to stay alive? Well thats your problem obviously, if you cant handle yourself alone or with other people near you in RL.

And yes, I am actually organizing an international anti-phone army to take on the tech addicts, so better cling to your dear phone as tight as you can before things get really tough for the little screen ;)

Cuteness overload. From the giraffe to the phone kiss.
This is hands down some of the best claymation animation I've seen.

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The one hit deaths in level 3 bugged me a bit, and perhaps it'd be better that instead of dying in one hit you'd just return to the middle with health depleted.
Other than that, I really enjoyed the music, art, story, it was real fun so far. I'd love to see this game get made someday.

Doesn't jump sometimes, music starts playing only after I die the first time, game is too short, character goes horizontally through platforms instead of going over them, character gets stuck on flat surface so forced to jump it, only the last star needs to be collected to win the game, line art of the character is too thin and hurts the eyes.

The music, the character that was translated through teamwork, the creative enemy mechanic design, the cute transition effects, I love almost everything about this. My only complaint is it doesn't have 200 levels.

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An outstanding followup to a masterpiece. We miss you.

Okay, now to put this in the next Sketch Collab.

Geoplex responds:

Haha, sick!

*sings the lyrics of the songs to this jazzy beat*

This was really good!

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sorohanro responds:

Thanks, quite an old thing, made for my pupils (those around 10-12 years old who are just learning to play, so it's quite simple).

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Those are some damn cute designs!

Btw I know for a fact that you can draw better.

Oh-Sama responds:

May be you're right may be not.
I feel a bit lazy those days and drawing with a mouse is a PAIN in the WHOAT...
I think I should get some pain killers next time :/

Blessed image, will give you the natural energy to get through the day.

How rude. Bite my shiny metal ass! You wanna have a bad time? English, motherf*cker, do you speak it? (tom and jerry screams)

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