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I joined Youtube...

2011-01-19 15:48:26 by TheMAM


I joined Youtube...

I'm leaving

2010-12-27 13:10:39 by TheMAM

EDIT: I'm not completely leaving. I'm just really unactive. If anyone needs collaboration, I'm in as long as plenty of time is involved.
I have to leave for a while my friends. My retarded brother needed a place to study. So, he made my dad pack up my desktop so he would use the desk for studying. I asked my dad to put it back but he refused to give me it for 5 months. Now it's just the laptop, which my dad doesn't allow on.
Don't worry though. I'm still on Newgrounds. Just no more flash content. I just wish I could make a Pico flash before the big Pico Day 2011. I apologize to Manuel TacoFace (LegoDude2000), Yusuf Iqbal (CartoonWarStudios), Mohd Hafizul Naim Bin Jailani Wow I Just Got Tired Saying That (apit2010), and (TATOO).
So goodbye.
For now.

Merry Christmas!

2010-12-20 14:21:51 by TheMAM

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.

Plus, E.M Episode 1 REDUX is coming soon.

Merry Christmas!

Manuel Tacoface

2010-12-05 12:54:13 by TheMAM

Dedicated to LegoDude2000 (a.k.a MY FAVORITE TACO FLAVOR)!!! R.I.P buddy. *sobbing*

Manuel Tacoface

I'll probably go with my friends to the Cinema to watch "Due Date" or something. That is all. :3

Happy Halloween, Everydody!

2010-10-31 03:56:51 by TheMAM

Sorry LegoDude2000 and TATOO I couldn't upload anything. Life is just too hard. Plus, we don't celebrate Halloween here. So sorry for coming empty-handed. At least the cool Halloween stuff on Newgrounds makes me giggle.

More flash coming soon!

2010-10-01 13:34:49 by TheMAM

Well, I guess Madness Day is over. Now I can get started on my Halloween entry "if I can squeeze between schoolwork". It may be something short and funny, but I just hope I finish it. I guess the only thing to say is that LARRY EPISODE 2 IS OUT AND IT'S INCREDIBLE! GO WATCH!

YAY! Happy Madness Day, everyone!


2010-09-15 13:52:38 by TheMAM

I made a Madness Flash. COMING 22nd SEPTEMBER!


Madness Day Crisis!

2010-09-10 18:44:41 by TheMAM

Aw man! There's only less than 2 weeks for Madness Day, and my very tight schedule is leaving me hanging. I've only finished 10% of my Madness Day 2010 submission and I'm going to need more time to finish the rest (just in case your wondering, it will be waaaay better than my Clock Day submission. So I hope I finish it soon. So see ya guys later.