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I can't afford any bad scores!

2011-12-25 07:53:19 by TheMAM

THAT'S IT! I've had enough! No more will I make short 10-second-or-more animations! From now on, I will truly try my hardest to be the best I can be!
I feel like I've really improved in art, but I'm not showing it right! I now know that to be a good artist on this site, I have to master skills in Flash that I'm currently amateur at! I want to learn shading, improve on frame-by-frame, and start getting my funny sh*t together!!!
For this reason, I will completely remake EM Episode 2; and I will not rest until I can make it the best it can be, with shading, frame-by-frame, a hell lot of less tweening, lip syncing,... It will be nothing like episode 1!
For that, I will not submit anything related to flash for a long time. Though, I will submit some pencil art in the future, or even try Photoshop.
Anyways, to Legodude2000, thanks for all your help, buddy! From giving me advice and flash assistance, to giving me awesome inspiration. Even though I'm not where I'm supposed to be in Flash, at least I'm glad that you're around. Also, thanks to Buujack and bocodamondo for being cool!
I guess this will be my last post for a while. See ya in a couple of months.

I couldn't afford any more so I deleted it.

Finished my Christmas animation!

2011-12-19 10:00:15 by TheMAM

It will be uploaded on Christmas Eve!

EM 1 was just a huge jump I took for a decent flash. It was rushed and wasn't really that good. So, I'm making episode 2, and this time I'll take my time! Here's the credits:
Thanks for all your help, guys! Don't worry, Lego! Sam and Moe 4 will continue "WITH COLOR"!

I'll fix the icon later.

Bored... Be part of a collab...

2011-06-02 02:44:25 by TheMAM

I noticed that I haven't animated in a long time, but I just need 2 more weeks then I can finally finish school and animate non-stop! I'm gonna be incredibly unactive during the next 14 days, so sucks to be me.
Expect EM Episode 2 and a collab this summer.
Anyone interested in joining early? PM me!

How can one be famous on NG?

2011-03-19 12:59:53 by TheMAM

Do you have to submit some good flashes with high quality? Do we have to be funny with posts and actions? Do we have to make continuous cock jokes? These are all good questions but with no one to answer them but a few.
I made another Sam and Moe
This one's for you LegoDude!

How can one be famous on NG?

My News

2011-03-13 06:32:04 by TheMAM

# 2 semesters are finished and one more left until animating!
# My internet sucks here.
# Newgrounds isn't that entertaining because none of the cool artists are submitting anything anymore.
# Made another Sam and Moe
# No Mac yet.

My News

Drawing when I'm not animating

2011-03-06 07:13:23 by TheMAM

I can't do animations presently, but I do have time for drawing stuff. I'll be making drawing comic strips starring LegoDude2000 and me. I just hope summer comes soon.
He's angry because I ate his taco and played with his Lego blocks.


Drawing when I'm not animating


2011-02-25 16:11:12 by TheMAM

I miss making animations! It's just I got high school and responsibility and future and bla bla bla... when will summer start so I can make up for lost time?