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I made a Clock Flash, yo!

2010-08-15 09:43:15 by TheMAM

Check it out, dawg!

I'm back!

2010-08-04 02:46:38 by TheMAM

I'm back from my old account MAM259, because I want to submit flash that isn't under a username with numbers. I've made a Clock Day animation and now it's done! WOO HOO! Thanks to Fionn1225 and Slammer909 for the support, and SolusLunes for letting me use her awesome music! A flash for Madness Day is in progress, but making a frame-by-frame animation is going to take a lot of work (in case you don't know, Kringles NEVER uses tweens!!!). Plus, working at a 5 star restaurant for 10 hours, getting ready for school, and doing all my summer homework is putting animation in a tight schedule, but I hope I'll find time to do all this in my free time, which right now I lack! Anyways, I got to go to work now! See ya'll!

Oh, and I found the Cyanide and Happiness Book in my closest Virgin Megastore. Wow! Turns out their selling it worldwide!

I'm back!