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I'm Legal Now

2013-11-27 12:51:18 by TheMAM

Now that I'm 18, I can do all the crazy stuff I always wanted to do as a minor!

Like watching youtube videos that are age-restricted, and when I go to an "age-restricted" website and be asked about whether I'm 18 and up, I won't be lying! :D

I'm Legal Now


2013-10-23 09:41:46 by TheMAM

My internet will be down for less than a month. I'm gonna be really inactive until then.

Later. ;P

Spy from Team Fortess 2 Voice Needed

2013-10-19 10:37:15 by TheMAM

UPDATE: I made a mistake in the information I provided. When I said I wanted a french accent similar to the man in the previous video, what I meant was a voice similar to Spy from Team Fortress 2.

I'm making an new animation called Selena and Squeaky which involves a girl and her pet mouse, and I need a voice actor who can make the deep, snotty stereotypical french voice like the Spy in the following video:

Anybody able to do that?

How To Face Your Fears

2013-10-07 10:46:37 by TheMAM

You Guys Are The Best!

2013-09-30 15:07:13 by TheMAM

I'm very glad with the feedback The Sketch Collab had received so far, including the high score and 2nd Daily Prize. Working on this project with all the talent artists that agreed to hop on board, well, makes me feel pretty damn happy. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped maintaining the legacy of Newgrounds's longest running collab a reality. You guys are the best! :D

And thanks to everybody who voted and watched. Really appreciate it.

And to anybody who hasn't checked it out yet, give it a try. You won't regret it. ;)

The Sketch Collab 2013

EDIT: Front paged! Woo! :D

You Guys Are The Best!

The Sketch Collab 2013

2013-09-28 21:41:16 by TheMAM

I made a collab.

Go watch it.

Smile HD

2013-08-25 09:05:09 by TheMAM

Button Mash's New Adventure

2013-08-17 02:54:50 by TheMAM


2013-08-01 13:32:53 by TheMAM

Learn your numbers.

Apparently, today's submissions were so boring that a certain game had to get 3rd place. Not sure if it's a hack or not, but if not, then just... wow...

Dora. Pencil Finder. Are you fucking serious?

I've Lost Hope For Newgrounds a Bit