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Jon Left Game Grumps...

2013-06-25 20:30:00 by TheMAM

Bye, Jon. :(

This... is so f*cking amazing...

2013-06-04 05:56:29 by TheMAM

I mean... holy mother f*cking sh*t...
And if you're wondering about my random cussing, it's because words can't describe how awesome this video is...

The Sketch Collab 2013 Thread
Collab Update

Greatest Song Of All Time

2013-05-27 06:19:20 by TheMAM

Stamper's a f*cking genius.

The Sketch Collab 2013 Thread
Collab Update

The Sketch Collab 2013 Update

2013-03-22 18:01:02 by TheMAM

And the sketches continue! :D

Yhtomit, the collab organizer of The Sketch Collab 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, had decided that the collab would face it's final year at 2012. However, with permission from Yhtomit himself, we're on our way for another year!

Just as every year, your objective is to create a short animation showing what it would look like if the doodles on your page started moving. It should look like it was done with pencil, so grey rather than black is encouraged.

1. No porn or sexual content.
2. Obey the specifications given.
3. You can use your own sounds, but music will be included, so don't make sound vital.
4. No sprites.
5. Sticks are allowed.
6. Must be frame by frame - some tweening can be done, but keep it to a minimum.
7. Don't make rubbish parts.
8. Stay active in this thread, post every few days or so at least.
9. Please tell us if you're dropping out, don't just disappear.
10. If you do not obey the specs and you make a part, you must create a new one no questions asked.
11. Make it compatible with Flash 8.
12. Use as fewer layers as you possibly can.
13. You must include a signature at the bottom right of your part

Stage: Standard, 640x480
Background: White (see below)
FPS: 24
Time: 5-20 seconds
Deadline: August 1st < you've got time ;) >

The background can be downloaded here. Use it at the bottom layer of your animation.

I'm drawing the limit at 18, just like last year. 6 others will set Easter Eggs in the collab.

Part 1 - RetroSleep
Part 2 - WooleyWorld
Part 4 - TheMAM
Part 5 - KingDavid
Part 6 - Airfaerie95
Part 7 - ReklessCreati0n
Part 8 - megadrivesonic (COMPLETED)
Part 9 - Wingal
Part 10 - Mrcoleman321
Part 11 - SnowyBangers
Part 12 - Potatoman
Part 13 - MacDonaldFin
Part 14 - JonHunter
Part 15 - houzatosis
Part 16 - Zeebra
Part 17 - thedevilsgarage
Part 18 - Budj
Part 19 - Arkcez (COMPLETED)
Part 20 - Energyrain
Part 21 - Cordyceps
Part 22 - MoodyRemix
Part 23 - Fat-Footy
Part 24 - Yhtomit
Credits - TheMAM

1. LazyAss23
2. AnimintNG
3. BoobMarley (COMPLETED)
4. Chongo888

Entries are now closed.

New Game Grumps Animation!

2013-03-18 12:43:38 by TheMAM

I've been away for a while

2013-01-13 14:32:36 by TheMAM

Ever since I found the site in 2009, I was hooked with what the website had to offer: animations, games, and The-Swain. But honestly, times have changed a bit for me. :(
I was hooked on Youtube, became a My Little Pony fan artist on DeviantArt, and just got bored of NG in general.
I love this site. It's my favorite site and is basically the site that shaped my personality a bit, but honestly, it's not a site I'd hang around anymore. AT LEAST AT THE MOMENT! If I wasn't on an animation hiatus I'd probably have a different opinion about this. I'll always be around every now and then, but I don't have much to offer but 2 or 3 animations these following months before summer.
So, for now, I dunno.
Let me just say that I'll submit an animation any time I can. I'd only submit it if it was Newgrounds worthy, though.

Off topic, anyone wanna subsribe to my Youtube? I'll be submitting an animation there before Feburary. ;)

EDIT 2/24/2013
Ok maybe not Feburary. :P

Santa's Happy Message

2012-12-23 14:39:33 by TheMAM

Hiatus time

2012-10-02 09:41:09 by TheMAM

Yup. School's around and I'm in no position to animate right now. I actually want to pass with a decent grade this year it seems, so when it comes to animation, I think I'll take a break for a few months; but I might make one short animation in these coming months, but that's about it.
But I'm not dead, though. I'll still be making My Little Pony comics on DeviantArt because I'm going through a huge MLP craze at the moment, so head over there and watch me.
So that's about it. Thanks to the 3 people who actually care. :P

Animation done!

2012-09-23 06:38:40 by TheMAM

It's about ponies. :P

Happy Madness Day 2012

2012-09-22 04:11:34 by TheMAM

I got nuthin...

Happy Madness Day 2012