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Ponies + Updates

2012-08-21 11:43:47 by TheMAM

I got a new desktop with i7 and awesome RAM, and let's not forget my new intuos5! Content to come!

I think I'm gonna lose my mind. Curse you, Pinkie Pie.

And if you like ponies, too, then I guess go to my DA to see my pony shit. :P

Ponies + Updates

Happy Pico Day!

2012-04-28 05:37:20 by TheMAM

Couldn't upload anything cause of a collab I'm working in. Oh well...

Happy Pico Day!

Edd Gould is gone?

2012-03-29 08:42:23 by TheMAM

Oh my God... I never knew this would happen so soon... and at such a young age.
When I first joined Newgrounds in 2007, I didn't even know what animation was. One of the first animations I've ever seen were from Eddsworld. I wondered how he made them and I admired them greatly. I had definitely admired how much he had improved after all those years.
Edd was fighting cancer for many years and he still continued animating despite that, and his cartoons were always funny and cute; and now that he's gone, there is no one that can replace him for how much he's accomplished and succeeded at.
I am now merely a tiny dot on this enormous world of animation, and I think I'll never get to even a millionth of what Edd had accomplished. He has fans everywhere cheering him and missing him, including me.
We're all really going to miss you Edd. May you live in our minds and hearts forever.
Sam and Moe Eddsworld Tribute

Edd Gould is gone?

Projects of 2012

2012-03-17 04:23:07 by TheMAM

Man this year has been rough! Homework, homework, and homework have been keeping my ass off Newgrounds and my time for animation. I don't feel I would be able to make anything until this summer. So I've made this post to point out my projects of this year.
Skyrim Sky High and Gifteded so go watch them if you have the spare time.

In progress:
EM Episode 2 - A series I'm making which will be improved a lot from Episode 1.
The Sketch Collab 2012 - A collab I'm joining by Yhtomit
Sam and Moe Episode 1 - A series I'm making with Legodude2000 based off my comic series here.
{OPTIONAL} Pico Day 2012 flash - A flash that might not make it to completion this year. :*(

Unfortunately with no free time on my hands, completing these might be a challenge; so to the 5 people who actually care, wish me luck. :P

Projects of 2012

Skyrim flash done!

2012-02-09 16:13:32 by TheMAM

Hope you guys like it.

The Redesign :(

2012-02-08 09:18:22 by TheMAM

Well... it needs getting used to. It's kinda hard to adapt, though. I'm gonna miss the old Newgrounds. :*(
Anyways... my Skyrim flash is done. I'll be uploading it soon.

Halfway to my new flash!

2012-02-04 07:36:27 by TheMAM

Man, I'm almost done with my video game parody animation. I feel like it's an improvement from my other flashes. Wish me luck!

Deviantart is pretty good

2012-01-30 09:41:28 by TheMAM

Nice community and impressive system!
Check out MY PAGE! It has a lot more of my art than here!

Deviantart is pretty good

Try this awesome shading tutorial!

2012-01-07 05:15:32 by TheMAM

This was the only tutorial that actually helped me improve:
Simple Coloring in Flash!
You get a very helpful technique and a pretty cool song! For anyone into flash animation, check it out!
And watch this if you want to see the most awesome thing ever.

Happy Freaking New Year!

2011-12-31 17:54:19 by TheMAM

Man, it has been a lazy year for me, but I have a feeling all that is about to change. Basically, I can't really post flash here anymore because I'm going through practice; so, I will be uploading flashes to Youtube! They're probably going to be get-well-soon-Eddsworld or Minecraft or Skyrim parodies, but until I feel that my animations have improved, I will be posting here again.
So anyways, happy birthday Kirbother and happy new year to all of you. I hope to make animations in the future.