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Posted by TheMAM - April 7th, 2018

There was this sprite animation I watched back in the day that was one of my all time fondest memories on this site. But no matter how I use the Newgrounds search engine or enter specific keywords on Google search, it just seems like it never existed. So either it was deleted or fallen into serious obscurity.

Either way, this is all I know about the flash animation in question. If anyone can miraclously remember it and point it out somehow, I'd be really grateful:

It was a music video where a man and woman sing on stage, singing "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)". It'd then cut to them doing what the lyrics of the songs say. It won Daily First.

Posted by TheMAM - November 10th, 2017


Posted by TheMAM - February 11th, 2017

I just need to sort some stuff out is all. If I find myself unable to persue it in the upcoming months, I'll ask for someone else to take over.

Posted by TheMAM - October 27th, 2016

It feels awesome that we were able to continue Newgrounds' longest running collab to this day, and it's such a thrill to work with and meet so many neat artists every year. This one was a ton of fun, and hopefully we can see more new faces for next year's installment.

So thanks for second place daily, and keep on animating!

So, uh, question. I'm looking for a new laptop to animate on. You guys know any good brands that make custom-made, graphics-heavy, somewhat affordable laptops, and what specs do you think are enough to load Adobe programs like Photoshop and Flash well?

Posted by TheMAM - April 16th, 2016


Just like every year, your objective is to create a short animation showing what it would look like if the doodles on your page started moving. It should look like it was done with pencil.

1. No porn or sexual content.
2. Obey the specs given below.
3a. You can use your own sounds, but music will be included, so don't make sound vital.
3b. If sound is included, don't make it too loud or too quiet.
4. No sprites.
5. Sticks are allowed, but not encouraged.
6. Must be frame by frame - some tweening can be done, but keep it to a minimum.
7. Don't make rubbish or half-assed parts, do your best.
8. Stay active in the thread, post every few weeks or so.
9. Please tell us if you're dropping out, don't just disappear.
10. If you do not obey the specs and you make a part, you must create a new one no questions asked.
11. Use as fewer layers as you possibly can.
12. You must include a signature at the bottom right of your part.

Stage: Standard, 854x480 or 1280x720
Background: White
Format: CS3 to CS6 .fla, .flv
FPS: 24
Time: 5-20 seconds
Deadline: September 1st

Posted by TheMAM - March 29th, 2016

You like all those things? Well I got the cartoon for you! (Spoilers!)



Posted by TheMAM - January 12th, 2016

Amalloc has launched the Indiegogo campaign for the There She Is!! HD Remastered DVD, and for the upcoming 6th episode of the series, which tells the story of the three bullies after the events of the fifth episode.



Perks include a 72 hour preview of episode 6 online, a physical copy of the HD remastered series, wallpapers and artwork, and much more! This was one of the series that defined Newgrounds back in the day, and it's time for us to show some appreciation!  

Support There She Is!! 6th episode 'another step' now!


Posted by TheMAM - January 1st, 2016


Posted by TheMAM - December 25th, 2015




Dangit, I really wanted that game. Better luck next time. :P


Posted by TheMAM - December 24th, 2015

"Eureka. Eureka! EUREKA! My lifelong dream, realized!"

Heh, in all seriousness, thank you Newgrounds for the Front Page and Daily Feature, and thank you guys for showing us your support. Please take the time to check out the artists who worked on this year's collab, and also check out all the previous years' collabs, they're all pretty cool. c:

We hope to see you, and if you're an animator have you, in the next Collab for our 10th anniversary. Thanks again, and we'll catch you later.